rces include i▓ron, coal, wolfram, gold, copper, tin, manganese, aluminum▓, stibium, zinc and petroleum. The area is also rich in tung oil, tea, tea oil, mushro

rice, yam, corn, su

om, C▓hinese cinnamon, pseudo-ginseng, Chines▓e gecko (used in traditional Chinese ▓medicine to help regain vitality), fennal and▓ fennal essence. The last four items are the Zhuang▓ area's special products.China´s dairy farmers cry for help over spilt milkby Xinhua wr

iter F

u Sh


and C

ao Guochan


ZHUANG, Sept. 21 (Xi

nhua) --

▓ On the ou


s of Nantongye villa

ge▓, a huge yogurt plant is under construction. It is ▓planned

elsewhere. Mineral resou

that it may take all fresh milk produced by more than 3,000 c

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